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Elliott’s Landscape Supplies is known to provide utmost quality landscape and building supplies in Australia at optimum prices. The company was started by Graham Elliott who had worked for many years in the local timber industry concerned with shipping of timber by-products. He was gradually able to build his own supply yard in Tumut. The business is now operated by his son and family along with a team of managers and professionals. With as many as 150 products, the company ensures that its clients have full access to landscape and building products, garden tools and supplies, etc. At the same time, a professional maintenance service of garden and lawn is also provided to help clients in making the best of their outdoor space.

Decorative Gravels

Polished Stone

20Kg Bag

Blue Stone

Size - 20mm

Bush Rock

When Available

Gold Stone

Size - 14mm

1 Cubic Metre = 1.40 Tonne

White Pebble

Size - 20mm

1 Cubic Metre = 1.40 Tonne

Red Scoria

Size - 10mm

1 Cubic Metre = 0.90 Tonne

Riverina Red Stone


DIY Workshops


Garden Supplies

Elliott’s Landscape Supplies is able to provide quality garden products including bagged potting mixes, fertilisers, soil conditioners, planting mixes and more. We also stock a range of quality garden tools and have access to just about any garden product you may...


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