Building Supplies

This is a typical content page that can be added from the Dashboard. You have the option to do the following:

  1. Make your content bold or Italic

  2. Define left, center or right alignment for your content 

  3. Make bulleted lists or numbered lists

  4. Indent your content

  5. Add links within your content

  6. Upload pictures within your content

  7. Undo or Redo changes

  8. Add a table within your page and define its parameters, width, cell padding etc.

  9. View the Source Code of your content in case you want to make edits on the source code level

The content editor is very flexible and gives you the freedom to add any amount of content without disturbing the font or color of the page. 

It's difficult to mess up a page, and typically even an assistant can easily build these web pages and put them up for you. 

All content pages have the ability to build a three-level hierarchy which will appear as drop down menu's in your navigation

All the links you setup for your website can also be arranged in the sequence that you prefer. 


When you setup a content page, you also have the option to define SEO parameters for the page:


Fake URL / Page Name
You can define the name you want to give to your page, which will form a part of the URL of this page on your website.
A URL which contains a descriptive name of the page is considered better from the Search engine perspective.

Title Tag
Define the title tags of all your content pages, to allow keywords to be enbedded within your page titles.

Meta Keywords
Based on your keyword research, input all the keywords pertaining to each of your content pages, to enable search engines to rank your pages higher on the search engine result pages.

Meta Description
Add a meta description for all your pages, to enable a search result page to show the correct description of your page, when it comes up as a result of a conducted search.


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