Delivery charges per load
Description Area
Adelong Batlow Gundagai Talbingo Tumut
1.0m3 to 6.0m3 $POA $POA $POA $POA $POA
6.1m3 to 10.0m3 $POA $POA $POA $POA $POA
For deliveries outside these areas delivery is $1.00 per KM each way











Delivery truck measurements
Decription Hino EL0100
Height 2.15m
Width 2.14m
Water Level 1.75x3.00x0.47m
Capacity 2.47m3
Decription Nissan UD EL0888
Height 3.42m
Width 2.75m
Water Level 4.10x2.23x1.00m
Capacity 15.00m3


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