At Elliott’s Landscape Supplies, we understand the requirements for a wide range of products to suit different applications for landscaping and gardening. We have been supplying the local market with quality products for over 50 years and have a variety of products to suit any application from soils and composts, mulch, fertilisers, bagged potting mixes and construction products such as treated pine posts and sleepers, concrete pads and stepping stones, turf supplies, lawn seeds, water tanks and so much more. Drop in to our garden centre to find all your landscaping needs and talk to our professional staff about your particular requirements.


Elliott’s Landscape Supplies is able to provide quality garden products including bagged potting mixes, fertilisers, soil conditioners, planting mixes and more. We also stock a range of quality garden tools and have access to just about any garden product you may require.

Our stocks of bagged product changes regularly however, some examples of product include:

  • Cow, Poultry and Sheep Manure
  • Poultry Pelletts
  • Planting Compost
  • Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Mix
  • A wide range of Potting Mixes
  • Blood & Bone
  • Gypsum, Lime and Dolomite

Through our broad network of suppliers and customers, we have developed a small garden centre aimed at delivering quality products on an as-needed basis, saving money on stock requirements and passing the savings on to our customers. If you need it for your garden, call us today and we are sure to be able to supply.

Products available to order include:

  • Bulk Plants & Greenlife (minimum order quantities apply)
  • Raised Planter Beds
  • Planter Pots and Garden Features
  • Gabion Cages


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