Lawn Seed

Handy GreenHardy Green

Grass type: 75% Tall Fine Fescue, 25% Kentucky Bluegrass

Hardy Green is similar to Rough & Tumble but without the O'Connor's Strawberry Clover in the mix. This lawn is well suited to those areas where appearance is important but still requires a drought resistant, hardwearing lawn. The Kentucky Bluegrass provides good colour as well as an ability to repair damaged areas by self propagating. This blend is the same as our Canberra Blend turf mix.

Rough & TumbleRough & Tumble

Grass type: 71% Tall Fine Fescue, 24% Kentucky Bluegrass, 5% O'Connor's Strawberry Clover

Rough & Tumble Alturf mix is the most popular mix for the Canberra and surrounding areas. Rough and Tumble is a hard wearing, drought and scarab resistant mix, well suited to back yards, ovals, playgrounds and commercial areas. The O'Connor's Strawberry Clover discourages scarab grubs and provides a natural source of nitrogen for the other grasses. Tall Fescue is slightly courser than the other cool season grasses but is the most drought tolerant. This blend is the same as our Canberra Blend with clover blend of turf.

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