Railway Sleepers

Elliott’s Landscape Supplies carries used railway sleepers in two different grades to suit various applications. ‘A’ Grade sleepers are are generally squarer and have a cleaner cut appearance, suitable for retaining walls and raised garden beds or where sleepers are required to be stacked. ‘B’ Grade sleepers carry more signs of use and may have more rounded edges, gouges and splits. Many prefer ‘B’ Grade for their aged, aesthetic appeal. All used railway sleepers are approximately 220mm x 140mm x 2450mm however,  as they are a recycled product,  will vary slightly.

Also available are new Ironbark sleepers. This product is sawn from new timber and offers more consistent dimensions, suitable as an alternative to both recycled sleepers and treated pine sleepers. Ironbark sleepers will age and colour more naturally than treated pine and has had no chemical treatment, making it more suitable for vegetable garden beds. Dimensions are 200mm x 75mm x 2400mm, allowing use in ‘C’ and ‘H’ section retainer posts.


Railway Sleeper - A Grade

220mm x 140mm x 2.45m

Railway Sleeper - B Grade

220mm x 140mm x 2.45m

         Ironbark Sleepers


  200mm x 75mm x 200mm

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