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Elliott’s Landscape Supplies provides a range of soils and composts for every application, whether it be establishing a new landscape site, improving existing soils or building a herb and vegetable garden. We are also able to mix soils to your requirements using a wide range of landscape quality ingredients from bark fines, sands, composts, soil additives such as gypsum, garden lime, poultry pellets and more. Elliott’s are always looking at new and improved products suited to local environmental requirements and will work with you to make sure you have the most suitable product for your application.

Mushroom Compost

High Ph level, organic material, used for gardens and planting mix, dark brown in colour, sourced from mushroom growers from the Sydney region. 100% recycled product.
Place about 5cm thick and dig into the soil; as you water it, it will fertilize and raise the Ph level of the soil.

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Premium Garden Mix

A specially blended soil replacement for landscaping and garden use. Suitable for garden beds, lawns, etc.
This product should not be used for Native Plants.
Ph 6 to 7.5

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BOOST is a blend of Composted Duck and Chook Manure and screened, recycled coffee grounds. High in nitrogen, BOOST makes an excellent growing medium for vegetables and flowering plants, can be used to improve existing garden soils and is an awesome top dressing / fertiliser combination for lawns. Can also be blended with other products to create bulk potting mixes.

Free from weeds.

Used as
    Lawn Food
    Soil Improver

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