Water Tanks

Bushman 10000L
Model: TS2200
Height: 1.48m
Diameter: 3.05m
Total Height: 1.70m
Capacity: 10,000L

Bushman 22500L
Model: TS5000
Height: 2.12m
Diameter: 3.73m
Total Height: 2.44m
Capacity: 22,500L

Bushman 30000L
Model: T6500
Height: 2.68m
Diameter: 3.92m
Total Height: 2.87m
Capacity: 30,000L

Bushman 46400L
Model: T10500
Height: 2.95m
Diameter: 4.60m
Total Height: 3.16m
Capacity: 46,400L

Bushman PC 60 Pump

Bushmans offers the Bianco pump range which are the highest quality and best value for money.  The pump required for your installation will be dependent on the application the pump will be used in.

Bushman Pump Cover (PCS)

To maximise the life of your pump, a Bushmans pump cover will protect your pump from the environmental elements that can damage your pump.

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